Estonian Correspondence Chess Federation

Member of Estonian Olympic Committee and International Correspondence Chess Federation

Founded on 21 March 1992


Members of the board

Lembit Vahesaar - President, ICCF Delegate, relations with other organizations,
rules, accounts, history of correspondence chess in Estonia.  


Ervin Liebert - Vice President, ICCF Email Contact, registration for individual international
tournaments, correspondence chess among juniors.


Merike Rõtova - Secretary, book-keeping,  tournaments for women.


Einar Laane - without permanent tasks.
Mihkel Raidaru - internet sait, Estonian internal tournaments played by e-mail.  
Tõnu Tiits - participation of Estonian teams in international tournaments.
Hans Tomson - Rating Officer, Estonian internal tournaments played by post.
 Other important persons:
Tõnu Õim - Honorary member, twice World Champion.
Hans Tomson - Honorary member, 2010
Jüri Schuster - match with Denmark and other e-mail matches when needed.



Important dates in the history of the Estonian Correspondence Chess Federation

 March 21, 1992

Estonian Correspondence Chess Federation is founded on the meeting in Tallinn.

 May 18, 1992 

State Sports Department registers the first Statutes of our federation.

 September 20, 1992

ECCF becomes the full member of the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

 October 30, 1992 

 ECCF becomes the full member of the Estonian Central Sports Union.

 December 18, 1995

Agreement on the relations between ECCF and Estonian Chess Federation.

August 02, 1997

The actual Statutes are adopted.

October 21, 1998  

ECCF is registered as a nonprofit organization.

November 21, 2001

ECCF becomes the full member of the Estonian Olympic Commitee.